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Dr. Md. Abdul Matin
Department of Water Resources Engineering

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Research Interest

Open Channel Hydraulics, River Engineering, Waterways Engineering, Hydraulic Modeling, Design of River Bank Protection, Dredging and Sediment Manegment, River and Coastal Zone Management, Hydrology, Hydraulic Structures, Professional Practices and Management of Water Resources Projects.

Postgraduate Theses Supervised

  1. "Study on river bank stability under hydraulic and static load condition using LEM and FEM approach' M.Sc. Engg.thesis Roll No. 0417162031, December 2020
  2. "An Experimental Study of Flow and Sediment Distribution at River Offtake" M. Sc. Engg Thesis Roll No.1014162008, 2017
  3. "Hydrodynamic and Morphological Analyses of New Dhaleswari River Offtake using Mathematical Model" M.Sc. Engg, Thesis. Roll No.: 0412162072 P, 2018
  4. "Assessment of Hydro-Morphological Response of selected reach of the Jamuna River Due to Structural Intervention using Delft 3D Model" Roll No; 0412162004 P(ongoing)
  5. "Study on Surface Water Availability for Future Water Demand for Dhaka City", Ph.D Thesis. February, 2018, Roll No. 0411164001 P
  6. "The Impact of Climate Change on Sediment Transport of Major Rivers of Bangladesh", M.Sc Engg. 041116200P ( On going)
  7. "Mathematical Modelling Study on River Improvement of Old Brahmaputra System", M.Sc Engg. Thesis, October 2017, 0411162015P ( Md. Alimuzzaman)
  8. "Experimental Study of Placement of Toe Protection Elements of River Bank protection Works Under Live Bed Condition', M.Sc. Engg. May, 2014 (Tanzim Ahmed)
  9. "Study of Hydro-Morphological Impact of Dredging in Selected Reach of The River Jamuna Using Two-dimensional Morphological Model', M.Sc, Engg.July, 2012( Md. Mushfequzzaman)
  10. "Modelling the Impact of Climate Change and Sea Level Rise on the Morphology of Lower Meghna River", M.Sc. Engg. December 2011( Rajib Kamal)
  11. "An experimental Study on Settling behaviour of Toe Protection elements of river Bank protection works", M.Sc Engg., December 2011, (K.M Ahtesham Hossain)
  12. "Development of Operation Rule of Proposed Ganges Barrage using Mathematical Model" , M. Sc Engg, December 2011, ( Kh. Saquib Ishtiaque)
  13. "Field Assessment of Scour at the Outlet of Selected Road Culverts", M. Engg. Thesis, December 2011,(Md. Anwar Hossain)
  14. " A Study of Hydraulic Jump in a Sloping Channel with abrupt drop", M.Sc Engg. January 2011 ( Asfia Sultan)
  15. "A Scale Model Study Flow behaviour of Storm Diversion Structure" M. Engg., March 2011(Md. Asifur Rahman)
  16. “ Comparative Analysis of Design and Performance of Bank Protection Works of Jamuna at Titporal and Debdanga”, M. Engg. March 2010 ( Md. Anisur Rahman)
  17. " A Study on the Performance of Geobags as an Alternative Approach of River bank and Bed Protection", M. Sc. Engg., 2009 (A. M. Tanvir Hossain Bhuiyan)
  18. " Experimental Study on Local Scour around Pier like structuer in Floodplain of Compound Channel ", M. Sc. Engg., 2008 (Debjit Roy)
  19. " A Morphological Study of Muhuri Accreted area in the Feni Estuary" , M. Sc. Engg., 2005 (Student: Ziauddin Baig).
  20. " Impact of salinity intrusion on the sedimentation of river system of the sundarbans area by Numerical model" , M. Engg., 2005 (Md. Abdus Salam)
  21. " Assessment of Morphological aspects and Bank protection works of the Surma River", M. Engg., 2004 (Md. Touhid-ur-Rahman)
  22. " Experimental study of local scour at the toe of the protected embankment “ , M. Engg., 2003 (M M. Raibiqul Hasan)
  23. " A study of hydraulic jump on abruptly expanding channel “, M. Sc. Engg., 2002 (Md. Ashraful Islam)
  24. " Hydraulic model study of bed level changes of alluvial river “ , M. Sc. Engg., 2002 (Md. Ataur Rahman)
  25. " Experimental study on the effectiveness of riprap protection structures with soil reinforcement under wave action , M. Sc. Engg., 2002 (Soheli Masoom)
  26. " Development of design criteria of the water regulatory structures for floodplain fisheries management in Jamalpur area , M. Sc. Engg., 2002 (Ahmedul Hassan)
  27. " Prediction sedimentation of Kaptai Reservoir , M. Engg., 2002 (Md. Shahidullah)
  28. " A study on the sequent depth ratio of hydraulic jump in abruptly expanding channel , M. Engg., 2001 (Md. Rezaul Hasan)
  29. " A study on the prediction of sediment yield from the hilly catchment of Chittagong Hill Tracts , M. Sc. Engg., 2001 (Md. Abul Kalam Azad)
  30. " Schematized Sediment Transport Predictor for Study of Alluvial rivers: An Application to the River Jamuna , M.Sc. Engg., 1995 (Krishna Ch. Dey)
  31. " Numerical Simulation of Bed Level Changes of the River Ganges , M. Engg., 1994 ( Md. Mouludul Islam)
  32. " Intensity-Duration Frequency Relationship of Short Duration Rainfall of Selected Urban Stations , M. Engg.,1993( Md. Saad Md. Siddiqui)
  33. " Optimal Method for Prediction of Channel Geometry in Alluvium , M. Sc. Engg., 1992 ( Md. Ziaul Haider)
  34. " A Study on the Prediction of Channel Geometry in Alluvium , PG Dip., 1989 ( Md. Alamgir Shahidul Islam)

Undergradate Theses supervised:


Prediction of alluvial channel canal system in Bangladesh by Wallingford method. :Amrita Lal Roy and Malay Kumar Charaborty April,1991


Analysis of rainfall data of Dhaka and Chittagong District. :Mamun Sarower and Masud Hassan April,1991


An evaluation of some evaporation and vapor transpiration formulae with special reference to Bangladesh . :Dewan Ali Sarwar April,1991


Data base of alluvial channels. :Iqbal Ahmed & Md. Mahboob Hassan September,1992


Prediction mean bed level changes using Wallingford optimal method. : Momin Mozibul Haque Shmaji and Rashid Ahmed September,1992


A study on the geometry of Karnafuly River . :Mahjabeen Chowdhury March,1995


Applicability of two sediment transport predictors in the rivers of north-west region. : Md. Shakhawat Hossain and Md. Safiuddin March,1995


Design of a pipeline system for water flow metering. :Aman Prakash Malla & Others August,2001


Fluvial process and stage-discharge rating of river Dhaleshwari- A morphological study. :Md.Wahidul Islam Talukder,Md.Abu Naser Mahmud & Quazi Md.Inam-E-Ilahi March,2002


Intensity duration frequency relationship for short duration Rainfall of Chittagong Hilltracts Region. :Md.Ehsan Ul Hoque,Md.Sharif Imam Ibne Amir & Kazi Asfaquzzaman January,2003


Hydraulic computation of flow profiles over some prismatic and non prismatic channel using visual basic programming. Md.Mahadi Hasan & Others February,2004


A study on hydraulic and morphologic characteristics of the river system around Dhaka city. Md.Fazlul Karim,Farhana Tarannum & Istiaque Siddique October,2004


An assessment of sediment characteristics of the rivers around Dhaka city. A.K.M.Rashedul Islam,Ashraful Islam,Md.Johirul Islam June,2005


Hydrodynamic simulation of Karnafuli River system by HEC-Ras: An application with third Karnafuli Bridge . :A.S.M.Asifur Rahman November,2006


A study on hydraulic characteristics of Karnafuli-Halda river systems and application of HEC-RAS river modeling system. :Nazia Salam November,2006


Experimental study of local scour on shallow water structures. :Md.Nayeem Ahsan & Md.Anfal May,2007


Usage and conservation of wetland resources in Bangladesh: a case study on Hakaluki Haor. :Md. Shahadat Hossain March, 2009


Assessment of drainage capacity and navigability of Khals of the eastern port of Dhaka city connecting to Balu river. :Tania Salauddin and Shaika Sadeque. March,2009


Laboratory investigation of sedimentation rate in a dredged channel. :Rajib Kamal March,2009


Review of proposed ganges barrage location. :Md. Imran Hasan October, 2009


Assessment of backwater effect of proposed ganges barrage location. :Md. Abul Ehsan Bhuiyan October, 2009


Assessment of navigability and carrying capacity of Dhaleswari River . :Md. Shariful Islam October, 2009


An experimental study on dumping of bank protection materials under flowing water. :Momtaz Jahan and Rizwana Sharmin February, 2011


Assessment on improvement of some inland waterway route of Bangladesh . :Supria Paul February, 2011


A study on restoration of the Kobadak river. :M. Abdur Rakib February, 2011


Scouring and failure machanism of Sirajganj hardpoint. :Md. Raihanul Hoque March, 2012


Assessment of flow avilability of the Shitalakhya and the Dhaleswari river for Dhaka city water supply. :Asifur Rahman March, 2012


An assessment of possible surface water sources for Dhaka city. :Yeusuf Ahmed March, 2012


Quality assessment of potential surface water sources for Dhaka city water supply. :Mahmood Khan March, 2012


A study on river response of the Karnafuli river using delft 3D Model. :Sarfaraz Alam February, 2013


Study on geometric characteristics of Balu river along eastern part of Dhaka . :Farhana Noor February, 2013


An assessment of surface water of rivers around Dhaka city. :Sharmin Jahan Sumi February, 2013
33. Scour analysis in the vicinity of Meghna-Gumti bridge. :Muneer Ahammad February, 2013


Hydraulic analysis of storm diversion system of Begunbari-Hatirjheel project :Lamisa Malik June, 2014


A study on the morphological changes of rivers around dicinity of Chandpur town and assessment of its bank protection works. :Md. Shahriar Shafayet Hossain June, 2014


Application of HEC-RAS model for the hydro-morphological assessment of Teesta river. :Shusmita Farzana June, 2014


A study on rural water supply in Shariatpur District, Bangladesh. :Arpan Paul June, 2014


Generation of inflow hydrographs for selected small urban catchments of Dhaka city. :Rifat Talha Khan February, 2016


Analysis of rainfall data for generation of intensity duration frequency relationships for selected urban cities of Bangladesh. :Shabiha Sultana Rimi February, 2016


Hydrodynamic modeling of Dhaleswari river for dry period flow augmentation. :Md. Raiful Islam February, 2016


A laboratory study on hydraulic impacts of sand mining in a channel bed and bank. :Zayed Bin Saif February, 2016


Analysis of Offtake Boundary condition for Old Dhaleshwari Hydrodynamic Model :Tasmiah Ahsan February. 2017


Assessment of Dranage Capacity oof Major Khals in Chittagong Urban Area and Inundation of Catchment Areas of Chaktai and Rajakhali Khal :Faisal Mahmood February. 2017


A study on fluvial stage-discharge rating of a selected reach of the Jamuna river :Makduma Zahan Badhan February. 2017

Research Coordinator:

Deputy Research Co-ordinator : " External Evaulation of Small Scale Water Resources Development Project-1, BUET, BIDS, WL Delft Hydraulics, June 2003

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